DEPUIS 1994
Lake of Two Mountains Artists Association
Association des Artistes du Lac des Deux Montagnes
Nicole has been pursuing her passion for art ever since her retirement from a long career in teaching and administration. Self-taught, she sought guidance by attending classes and workshops from numerous local talented artists. She has served on the Executive Committees of several artists associations M.E.A.L., BAA, DDO, to name a few). She has been exhibiting her work regularly over the last 14 years and received recognition from her peers and the general public.You can find her paintings in private & corporate collections in Canada (QC, ON, AB & BC) & the United States (VT, FL, CA).
She is presently teaching art in a nearby library and in her studio while continuing perfecting her art; she is still experimenting with different mediums and has become a multi-disciplinary artist.  
La vie est belle! The passion keeps on radiating in her work. 

​Native de Rigaud, Joanne démontre dès son plus jeune âge des aptitudes marquées pour les arts plastiques, notamment le dessin et l’aquarelle. Actuellement, elle perfectionne également son travail sur huile. Elle aime particulièrement les scènes d’extérieur.

Rigaud native Joanne Rozon showed an interest in art from a very young age, particularly drawing and watercolour. She now works with oil, and is very fond of outdoor scenes, many created with palette knife. 

Joanne Rozon,Past President
Tel (450) 510-1567

Arlene Pitts
Hudson, QC
Born in Montreal, Arlene started drawing as a young child. Throughout her artistic journey she studied many different mediums including drawing, inks, oils, acrylics, watercolours, and different forms of mixed medium and sculpture. She says that art for her is from her heart and soul. Creating is not just something she wants to do, but has to do. Inspiration is everywhere and Arlene is always hoping to seize it and convey its’ message into her pieces. She strives to place a little magic and ethereal balance to her creations and is thrilled when it finds its’ way into her works. 
Armande Fecteau

​ Louis Jean Lauzon
​Mme. Fecteau est née en Beauce à St-Anges. Après un baccalauréat en science domestique, elle à étudie l’esquisse du vêtement féminin. À partir de 2005 et pour cinq ans, elle a poursuit ses études à l’Académie des Arts et Beaux-Arts à Varennes. À la suite de sa diplômation (mars 2010), elle poursuit les expositions.

She was born in St-Anges, Beauce. After completing her classical studies she became involved with design and women’s fashion in all its aspects. In 2005 she enrolled in l’Académie des Arts et Beaux-Arts in Varennes where she studied for 5 years.  Mme. Fecteau currently participates in many expositions.
Louis Jean Lauzon

182 Ch De L'Anse, Rigaud QC, J0P1P0
Ina Varkala is a Canadian artist living in Montreal who paints eye-catching and colorful works flowing from her love of the outdoors and capturing the intrinsic heart of nature.

Her style is bordering on impressionistic, taking you into a peacefully enchanting world.
She loves to explore the complex interplay of light and color in watercolor and occasionally acrylics and mixed media. Consistently referring to her photographs and memories as a strategic starting point for the artistic completing of each painting.

Her forest scenes invite you into a mystical storybook world.